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My first blog!

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

It's my first blog and I'm really looking forward to sharing our journey with you. I will be writing each week keeping you up to date with what we are doing to grow our business. I'm going to be honest so you will hear about our successes but also our losses and what we learn along the way.

Being as it's the first post I thought I would get you up to speed with where we're at...

I guess you could say it started on 14th May 1991 when I (Natalie) first entered the world. From that day the father daughter team started and it has only grown since then. Throughout my childhood dad (Stuart) worked ridiculous hours and shift patterns to make ends meet by working on and maintaining trains, but when he had a few days off you would find him with me supporting me at a dance competition or together racing an enterprise sailing boat. We both love spending time with each other and sharing different experiences from home DIY, servicing a car, landscaping a garden, skiing the list goes on. We are also both dyslexic and really struggle with reading, writing and communication. Both of our school lives were difficult because of this and we truly believe that our drive comes from the difficult times we had in our childhood.

Fast forward to 4 years ago.... dad was finding the shift patterns really difficult and getting ill very often as his body was getting tired (he wasn't getting any younger). He was looking for a way out of the hard working life he always had done. Thats when he started talking to me about property and starting a business. We really had to think about this as we have NO experience in business, our family have never been in business and most of our friends have always been employees for others. We made a commitment to do it together and change our lives for the better.

In the last 4 years we have started our property business and now have 5 properties (3 single lets and 2 HMO's). I have now moved out and have my own property and we are now growing our business into serviced apartments and portfolio building for other people.

We have learnt a hell of a lot in the past 4 years (which I will be sharing) but we want to carry on learning, growing and creating a fantastic life for us and our family and we hope you can share that journey with us.

Until next week...

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