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Building Our Network

This week has been all about our network...

We started off looking at our network so far and what changes we wanted to make. We have many people already in our network that can help us purchase property but haven't got great connections in other areas in our business that we are trying to grow.

So this week we have focused on connecting with other business owners around our area, estate agents, and investors.

So why did we focus on these 3 groups...

As I'm sure you are aware by now we are a small family business. We want to be known around our area for what we do and how we do it. We are all about community and family so really want to get to know local people to help and work together. We understand the power of 'word of mouth' advertising and what better way to get your name out there than with other busniess owners. We have also been accepted into a high end business networking group called 'The Circle Club'. This is really exciting as there are some great people and well established businesses in the group that I'm looking forward to working with.

Estate agents are a key aspect in our day to day business, but due to the last few months (Covid-19) our connections have dwindled down slightly. So the plan of action is to talk to a few agents a week to see how the sale and lettings market is getting on (which at the moment seems to be flying high). Each time reminding them we are still looking for property deals, and also reminding them what we are looking for. I had a great 1-2-1 this week with the lovely Lauren from a local agency. Lauren and myself already have a good relationship due to my previous job which was managing her fathers department store. We get on really well and hopefully building this relationship will turn into many property deals and make us both money (win-win).

One aspect of our business we are growing at the moment is our 'Portfolio Building' service. We have generated some leads via social media platforms which we are continuing to do (more about that next week), but this week has been about touching base with people that have shown an interest in working with us. We have had a couple of great zoom meetings and a email conversation talking about the economy, predictions of whats to come, and of course the property market.

We are working hard to create a fantastic network of people that we can work with creating win-win opportunity's for all involved.

Until next time...

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