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Another national lockdown… but the show must go on.

Wow there has been a lot going on in the world with the USA elections, tragic terrorist attacks around Europe and England going into lockdown number 2. Everything effects what we do and at the moment it seems very uncertain. We have been adapting our business since lockdown 1.0 came around in March and we keep trying, testing and changing to keep up with the outside world. With all this negativity this blog is all about positivity, new ways of thinking, and the results we have had.

As I have mentioned before we are really working hard on our networking and building great contacts with many different people and business’s around our area. This has already started to pay off and we are getting introduced to new people all the time.

One connection I really want to share is with a working couple that’s in the process of starting a new company in helping adult with learning disabilities in supported living and day care. We have had a few meetings now and our relationship is growing. They have many years of experience in this industry and we can tell already how passionate they are about their business and the people they work with. Something very important to us is finding people to work with that share are values. We are really happy with how everything is forming, and we are hoping to help each other’s business to grow over next year to provide great accommodation for people to live the most ‘normal’ and happy lives they can. We will keep you posted on how this goes and any opportunities there may be for you.

We have started to connect with A LOT more people that really want to get involved and buy their first investment property. Our list has tripled in size over the last 2 weeks and we are in the process of organising calls with them on an 1-2-1 basis so we can get to know them, fully understand why they want to invest in property and see how we can help them. As I have said plenty of times before and the media are keeping people up to date aswell, the market is a little bonkers at the moment so what we class as GOOD investment deals are very hard to find at the moment… but this will not be the case forever. We are advising everyone that we talk to that now is the time to do your research, understand what you want out of your investment, find as much cash as you can to invest so that you are ready for any changes that might happen in the market. This way you will be the first one to react to any changes.

We have taken things back to basics this week with leaflets. We have been finding it difficult to talk to agents about property’s that we are interested in. This is down to a number of things – the market is really fast, people working from home, people furloughed etc. all of which we are not in control of. We have been ringing and leaving messages but having no reply’s, so we thought about taking a step back and delivering a good leaflet that tells agents a little about us, what we do and what we are looking for. We are not expecting any big results at the moment but like with any marketing we will be following this up with emails, letters and calls so hopefully we start to get some traction as we have some very keen investors wanting to buy.

The last thing we have been doing is contacting all our tenants, checking in and making sure they are ok. Lockdown 2.0 is going to be hard for everyone again. We want to make sure we have done everything we can to help people that are close to us, we love and are a part of our business in one way or another. Some people are not as lucky as us and may not have anyone to talk to about their worries. Our message is ‘look after yourself and the people you love but don’t forget if you see or hear of someone in need and you can help please do so… You never know if you will need someone to help you one day.

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